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Flags during the 2016 ceremony were flying in honor of the following people:


Honoree Honored By
Thomas B. Besser, U.S. Army, WW2 Christine Besser
Thomas B. Besser, U.S. Army Ranger Christine Besser
Charles H. Vile, U.S. Army, WW2 Christine Besser
Charles H. Vile, U.S. Navy Christine Besser
William K. Turner, U.S. Coast Guard William Turner
Dennis Snyder Yvonne Snyder
William S. McCurry, U.S. Army CPL, WW2 Linda Dutcher
Arthur Barber, Great Britain, Royal Engineers, WW1 Linda Dutcher
John Hawk, POW Wesley Hawk
All who Served from the Atco United Methodist Church Wesley Hawk
LT Peter Benjamin Ober, U.S. Navy John Witman
To all those who fight for our freedom Julie Cartney
Elwood Barden Ben Godwin
CPL Christopher Lockwood. U.S. Marine Corps Lisa Lockwood
SP4 Lisa Lockwood, U.S. Army Lisa Lockwood
Harry V. Combs, Jr. U.S. Navy Seabees Lisa Lockwood
William Russel Lockwood Jamie Barron
Jim Sexton Jim Sexton
William Lockwood Carrie Boles
Francis M. Prato, Sr. U.S. Army WW2 Brian Prato
Francis M. Prato, Jr. U.S. Air Force Vietnam Brian Prato
John Prato, U.S. Air Force Brian Prato
James Gardner, U.S. Air Force Terry & John Rosiak
CPL Matthew Mandap, U.S. Navy Tanya Mandap
Andrew Libak, U.S. Navy Karen, Andrew & Tom Burroughs
SFC Diane M. Diaz, U.S. Army Shaheda Harris-Dupree
Charles Reed, U.S. Navy Margaret Reed
Craig F. Buffington, U.S. Army Craig Buffington
EM2 Douglas W. Dirkes, U.S. Navy Rosemary E. Dirkes
PO1 David M. Tapper, U.S. Navy Seal John. W. Chalus
PVT Raymond W. Sullivan, U.S. Army Ranger LTC Thomas B. Besser
William Kindred COl William and Terra Kindred
Nancy Fadem Keri Friedman
James Childs Wanda Granack, U.S. Army Cadet Nurse, WW2
David Neilson Scarlet Neilson
Tracy Nelson All Servicemen and Women
Patricia Benner Henry G. Ulrich, Jr.
Patricia Benner James J. Benner
Jennifer Valenzuela All Unknown Soldiers
Edward Charney SSG Marc J. Small, KIA 2/12/09
Gail Reber Russell G. Levering
Dorothy Joy Peter J. Arnone, Sr. & Jr.
Craig Hoyt CPL Ralph L. Hoyt, Jr. U.S. Army Air Corps, WW2
Gregory Bramham LTC Benjamin Bailey
Alice Swift John Wheelock
Alice Swift Joe Marino
Alice Swift AOC GW Smith
Alice Swift DL Jackson
Alice Swift Joe Cirone
Bruce Friedman SGT Niles Madsen, U.S. Army, WW2
Bruce Friedman PVT Stan Friedman, U.S. Army
Bruce Friedman Stephen Madsen
Bruce Friedman Robert Graves
Bruce Friedman Frederick Campbell, WW1
John Kammerle Carl Halt
John Kammerle Otto A. Kammerle
Susan Slade PFC Arnold L. Baker, 116th Infantry, 29th Division
Robert Thatcher Robert E. Gordon, U.S. Navy
The Richardson Family Army National Guard 328th MP Co. Recently home from deployment. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.
Carrie Palombi SPC Ben Moore, U.S. Army
Vicki Salvia E4 Anthony Salvia, 101st Army, U.S. Army
Sarah Wielgus Charles Bowles & John Wielgus, U.S. Army
Anita Bulei CPL Frank J. Bulei, U.S. Army Medic, Patton's Army
Catherine Gregoire George Sousa, Jr., U.S. Marine Corps
Elizabeth Baker Baker & St. George Families
Dolores DeLucca John Kelley, U.S. Marine Corps
Nancy Orlando Fallen Soldiers
Becky Skomsky Veterans of the Pilla Family, U.S. Army and Banvy, Army Rangers
Vito D'Arcangelo, III William O'Rourke, Sr. U.S. Army
SSGT Michael Martinez U.S. Air Force
Pat Petrillo James W. Moore, U.S. Army, 30th Infantry, WW2
Steve Franz SSG James W. Moore, U.S. Air Force
Rose Franz SSG James W. Moore, U.S. Airforce


Flags during the 2015 ceremony were flying in honor of the following people:

Honoree Honored By
Thank you to all who serve and have served our country Roger and Joyce Lacy
James W. Buggy Barbara Buggy
Army Spec 4 JAMES W. BUGGY Jean Gallagher
  Joanne Raffa
James W Buggy Patricia Koenig
Dr. Theodore Gilbert Elizabeth Bach
Raymond Wilbur Phillips, Jr. Jay and Cathy Weible
John A. Peifer Cathy Heckler
Louis T. Fala, Jr, US Army Henry Kramarski
Joseph F. Fala, US Navy Henry Kramarski
Albertus S. Maurer, United States Navy Barbara Dougherty
Charles O. Dougherty, Sr., United States Army Barbara Dougherty
Benjamin S. Gibbs, Tech Sergeant, US Army, WWII Carolyn Penharlow
Eugene C. Coplen, Staff Sergeant, USMC, WWII Carolyn Penharlow
Nathaniel J. Nyren, Staff Sergeant, United States Army Ericka Kammerer
 All the brave men and women in the armed forces. Irene Lantz
All the brave men and women who keep our country safe and free Irene Lantz
Irving Lantz Irene Lantz
Veterans Lance Rice
US Army Colonel Joe H. Sheard (1931-2012) Charles Sheard
Gerry Deffler Tammy Zeoli
Stephanie Bader Tammy Zeoli
Gerry Costello Tammy Zeoli
In honor of Herbert Breidigam Michael Breidigam
In honor of Raymond Morse Michael Breidigam
John Gregg Susan Rice
Veterans of South Plainfield Elks #2298 South Plainfield Elks #2298
Trista Moretti South Plainfield Elks #2298
Tom Voorhis John Voorhis
Lena Meredith Beth Lemen
Lena Meredith Michael Meredith
Lena Meredith Julia Capsambelis
Steven R. Burns Kathleen Davidson
Sgt. Glenn J. Richardson and the 328th Military Police Currently deployed Martha Richardson
James E. Franz Stephen Franz
James W. Moore Stephen Franz
Dennis Wilson Sarah Rider
  Dyan Branstetter
Walter Leroy Wehrle, USS Fall River Paul Wehrle
Elmer Ray Kinciad, Jr. Ronald Kincaid
Bynum LaFayette Gilbert, Jr (Junior Gilbert) Ronald Kincaid
  James/Annmarie Hess
Robert Lynch Colleen Bond
Stephen Roberts, United States Army Rangers Jon Roberts
Mary Roberts, United States Army Jon Roberts
In Memory of William Heinold, United States Air Force Jon Roberts
In Memory of Paul W. Roberts, Jr., United States Navy Jon Roberts
Paul W. Roberts III, United States Navy Jon Roberts
  Stanton Britcher
All the Men and Women Serving in the Armed Force Thomas Crone
Thank you to all First Responders Thomas Crone
All the Families here at home waiting for their loved ones serving Thomas Crone
Ernie & Grayce DuPlantis Robert Mumie
Sgt. Maj. William H. Harrington, Jr. Leeanne Harrington
Lee English Dann Leeanne Harrington
Joseph Michael Walsh IV Stacie Walsh
Clarles McHigh Stacie Walsh
Joseph Martinez Stacie Walsh
Lena Meredith Lauren Hynes
Herald Spencer Ahpeatone Mary Ann Ahpeatone
Donald R. Maxwell Sharon Ford
  Maureen Buzdygon
Wayne Vest Darlene Vest
All Surf Alum James Sexton
John Contino, Army Air Corps WII David Contino
Harry Wimley, Para Trooper, Army, WWII Florence Hoffman
David Brown, E-4 Air Force David and Sheaelle Brown
George Reed, Marines Corps Brandon Alexander
Alex Dominguez, Marines Mavelyn Dominguez
Charles Lewis/U.S. Air Force, Eielson AFB Rhannon & Ainsley Gallagher
John Thomas Scott, Jr, Silver Star Recipient, Army Sharon Muller
All Military Serving Vince & Jackie Bartilucci
Dominic Sylvester Jennifer M. Bombano
Philip Panarello Sr., U.S. Navy Clara Young
Kevin Reid, Jr, Brian Reid, Jay Stamt, Richard Reid (Dad-RIP) Kevin Reid
Leonard J. McAdams, SSgt, National Guard James C. McAdams
Daniel J. Boorse Joseph Gato
In honor of Butler Family members who have served Terry Ives
In Memory of Doris S. Butler Terry Ives
Kimberly Gatto Kimberly Gatto
William S. McCurry, WWII United States Army Linda Dutcher
Marjorie E. McCurry Linda Dutcher
William C. Cairy, Army Dana Birdy
  B. M. Dean
Joseph V. Alibrando, Army Theresa Alibrando
John F. McDonald Kathy McDonald
Edward Pardi, Sgt. Army Air Force Patricia E. Reed
Donald Whitworth, Tech Sgt, United States Air Force Carnival of Collectables
John Fernandez Nicholas Pasquarells
Henry H. Eden III, Staff Sgt, Air Force, Viet Nam Marguerite Eden
Gerald Wolfenden, Army Danielle Romeo
My relatives who served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines Brenda Rowand
Uncle Joey Joe Adams
C.J. Levesque, U.S. Army, Afghanistan, 2015 Willa Peters
Frederick T. Remsing, Sgt. Army, Viet Nam Barbara A. Remsing
To All Who Served This Country Gary Short
Daniel McConnell, Recruit, USMC Timothy Crooks
  Nicholas Bell
Lena Meredith Douglas Benner
John Csobor, U.S. Navy Brian Csobor
Lena Meredith John Gordon
Raymond Boruszewski Sandra Lewandoski
James W. Moore Elizabeth Moore
Lena Meredith Julie Perno
Daniel J. Boorse Joseph Gato